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Could’ve moved mountains


Awful Things, DAC conversion


Console #retrogaming: 8-bit to 16-bit transition ;-) #nes #megadrive #genesis #nintendo


Awful Things afoot

Fallen Water

Awful Things, 2014
It’s taking shape. Not a gallows.

Studio all day. Computers made of timber frames.

pictures in frames: Smoo #6 available for pre-order now


Smoo Comics #6 is available now for pre-order. This comic is a bit quieter, a bit sparser, a bit slower than Smoo #5. It features seven stories about listening to Hüsker Dü, rainy summers, running naked in French fields, another tale of swimming at night and more besides.

Pre-orders will be…


Curious what to expect from Smoo #6? Here are some pages - some I’ve shared before, others I haven’t. It’s a different beast to Smoo #5; much quieter, simpler lines, slower stories. Perhaps in some ways it’s more diary-like; in others more abstract. Pre-order details coming soon.

Also, don’t forget about the launch party.


This postage stamp commemorates William Beebe’s 1934 descent in the bathysphere, and pictures deep sea fish that he reported seeing. Since Beebe was unable to collect specimens, the existence of some of these fish remains controversial.


I think I forgot to mention this was happening:


Smoo Documentary

So what are we up to?

Currently we are working with indie comic artist Simon Moreton on a documentary about mental health in comics. After seeing an inspiring lecture at Bristol Comic-Con last year, Videoloft are working with Simon to explore mental health through comics and the way different art forms can help others through tough times.

Simon’s work is often self reflective, and heady, an intelligent mix of biographical and the fantastical, bringing the mundanity of life to unusual, thought provoking heights.

Taking a close look and recreating parts of Simons work Smoo and The Escapologist , Videoloft are creating a mix media project crossing genres, and formats (along with our animation partners Kayleigh and Tom).

Smoo: The Documentary (title subject to much change!) coming soon!

So if your interested, go an get a headstart on the project and take a look at Simons links below!



In other news we are still slogging hard away on Adventures in Brine our comedy sketch show and will try to churn out some more of these. Greg will be heading away to Japan to shoot an Earthquake follow up doc for a couple of months (For Uni) and Addy and Sarah will be away travelling for 4 months around the world (Mostly Japan and Australia by the sounds of things…). But while the gang are away Smoo will be completed and i’m sure we will have lots of unusual things popping out.

Keep ‘em peeled.

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