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Awful Things are festering.

Shooting this chap soon.

Shooting this chap soon.

Could’ve moved mountains


Awful Things, DAC conversion


Console #retrogaming: 8-bit to 16-bit transition ;-) #nes #megadrive #genesis #nintendo


Awful Things afoot

Fallen Water

Awful Things, 2014
It’s taking shape. Not a gallows.

Studio all day. Computers made of timber frames.

pictures in frames: Smoo #6 available for pre-order now


Smoo Comics #6 is available now for pre-order. This comic is a bit quieter, a bit sparser, a bit slower than Smoo #5. It features seven stories about listening to Hüsker Dü, rainy summers, running naked in French fields, another tale of swimming at night and more besides.

Pre-orders will be…


Curious what to expect from Smoo #6? Here are some pages - some I’ve shared before, others I haven’t. It’s a different beast to Smoo #5; much quieter, simpler lines, slower stories. Perhaps in some ways it’s more diary-like; in others more abstract. Pre-order details coming soon.

Also, don’t forget about the launch party.

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